Customized version with special background and Finnish translation

An interesting modification of the ComingNext widget was recently published by the user Streamkeskus. He modified the widget backgrounds to make them appear as one large widget. The modified widgets are based on version 1.36 and as a bonus come with Finnish language support. Note though that the installation instructions are a big more complex compared to the original widget, so this is only suitable for advanced users. Here is a list of all changes in that custom version:

  • Settings and menus are changed because of Finnish language (may contain translation errors)
  • Widget background
  • Widget layout
  • Size of the symbols changed
  • Comes with the Home screen wallpaper set

You can find more info on this on Streamkeskus's website. Or go right ahead to the download. Make sure to read the included instructions on how to set this up.

UPDATE 2012-04-03: now with English installation instructions.

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