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I am running Widget 1 of Ver. 1.37 on an E7. The date shown on both the widget and the full screen display is one day out: Calendar events which occur "Today" are shown as "Tomorrow" on CN, and future dates are given for a day one day after the due date (i.e. events scheduled for 13 February show with a date of 14 February on CN. The Calendar shows the correct date.

I am located in New Zealand, which is 13 hours ahead of GMT. I understand CN is a "web" widget, so this may be related to an error in adjusting for the New Zealand time zone.

Earlier versions of CN did not display this problem

Michael Prager's picture

Can you send me a debug log to comingnext AT Instructions on how to obtain such a log are available here.

Not as bad as the 'everything showing a day early' problem. This one is just affecting my events in two days time. Only noticed it today.

Anyone else getting this ?
Thank you