Frequently Asked Questions

Each widget panel needs to be installed separately. They are available one by one on the download page. For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to the Installation Manual.

You can find a list of tested compatible devices here.

Some users may get an error like "Error: Loading Calendar Service" although it worked before. This is due to a corrupted Symbian configuration file in C:\Private\2000f847. In order to get rid of the error, you will have to reset your phone. Do not restore files from a backup, or you will restore the broken config too. An alternative is to replace the corrupted config file manually, but you will have to hack your phone in order to have access to it. You can find the non-corrupted version of that config here. More info on this in the bug report.

Update: Another solution has been found which does not require a device reset or a hacked firmware: if you're are lucky and made a backup before the issue occured, you can use it to restore the device settings from that backup to get this widget working again.

This problem was introduced by a Nokia firmware update. The new firmware breaks the ability for homescreen widgets to access your calendar. I've informed Nokia about this issue and developers confirmed. It will probably be solved in an upcoming firmware update. In the mean time there is nothing you can do to get it working again.

The following devices are affected by this bug:

  • E6-00
  • X7-00
  • C6-00 since FW 40.0.021
  • 5230 since FW 50.0.001
  • N97 Mini since FW 30.0.004

This is the same problem as "Error: loading calendar service".

This is the same problem as "Error: loading calendar service".

This is a bug in your phone's firmware. Please read this for more information about this issue.

If you have a lot of events in your calendars, the widget might be every slow when updating. Try to decrease the "month range" setting. That way, the widget will load less events and refresh faster. Also turning off the display of ToDo notes can improve speed if you have a lot of them.

To make the widget background transparent, follow these steps:

  1. Install ComingNext_SkinFetcher_v1.6.sisx on your phone. You can download it here.
  2. Start it on your phone and click on "Generate". It will ask you for the positions of the ComingNext widgets on the homescreen.
  3. In the ComingNext widget, enable the "use background image" option and set "background image location" to "external".

This is a bug in Nokia's WRT library (the status of a ToDo event is sometimes is reported as "undefined"). There is nothing the developers can do about this. Wait until Nokia releases an updated firmware with this bug fixed.

Check here if your problem is already known. If that is not the case, report your issue on the project bug tracker. That way the developers can keep track of problems and fix them.