The current version is: v1.37

This widget consists of 3 panels which need to be installed individually. These can now be installed via Ovi Store directly.

Before installing, please read the supported devices list make sure that your phone is supported.

More detailed instructions on how to install the widget can be found on the Installation page.

Download ComingNext from Ovi Store (first panel)

Download ComingNext from Ovi Store (second panel)

Download ComingNext from Ovi Store (third panel)


It's really an useful thin to have...

setter's picture

I will try this one!

it doesn't work... it write "error: loadsettings: getlist() failed: typeerror: result of expression 'calendarservice' null is an object., line 1277..... why??

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Please read the frequently asked questions page for a solution.

i'm sorry... thank you

I have used ComingNext for a long time. It's great.
When will the 2nd and 3rd panels be available? Coming soon?

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The two additional panels will be available soon, if ovi store staff does approve it. I can't give an exact time frame at this point though.

Thanks, it worked perfectly.

I just want to congratulate Michael for this little app which I've been using for many years, and now is one of the first installations in my new Nokia 808. Anxiously waiting fot widget #2 & #3 release. Congrats, man, the app is brill!

Hi Michael. Since Nokia Store doesn't seem very diligent on approving the additional panels, would there be any way to place'em here for us to download? Could even be as a beta version... Just a thought ;)

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I'm not putting any link up here to honor the Ovi Store terms & conditions. However you may want to check the project page on

Thanks Michael. Sorry, I didn't know about those terms. Good job, and thanks again.