A word of advice for C6-00, 5230, N97 Mini, E6-00 and X7-00 owners

Be warned if you use ComingNext and want to update your C6-00 with the recent firmware update 40.0.021. Nokia has introduced a bug which also affects the E6 and the X7 which renders the widget (and any other WRT widget which access the calendar) completely unusable. There is nothing I can do to resolve this, Nokia has to fix the issue with another firmware update. So if you want to continue to use this widget on the C6, don't update! You have been warned.

By the way, this bug is also the reason why I couldn't release a version which is compatible with the E6 and the X7 yet.

UPDATE [2011-07-04]: Looks like the latest firmware update 50.0.001 for the 5230 is broken too. Do not upgrade! It is very likely that this bug will spread to other devices like the N8 and E7 too when they get their new firmware in a few days.

UPDATE [2011-07-05]: N97 Mini affected too since firmware update v30.0.004.

UPDATE [2011-07-29]: Nokia has marked this bug as resolved. So most firmware updates released after this date should have this problem fixed.

UPDATE [2011-10-13]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the C6-00 as of firmware update 41.0.010.

UPDATE [2011-12-07]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the Nokia 5230 as of firmware update 51.0.002.

UPDATE [2011-12-31]: Issue has been reported for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as of firmware v60.0.003.

UPDATE [2012-02-12]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the E6-00 and the X7-00 as of firmware 25.007 (Symbian Belle Update).


I just read that an updated firmware for X7 and E6 was released, V22.014. Does this already fix the bug?

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I can't comment on the X7, since this firmware is not yet installed on the Nokia RDA devices. But V22.014 on the E6 has been installed on those devices for over a month already, and this firmware does still has this bug.

What a pity.. It was great app

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Let's just hope that Nokia releases an update for all affected phones soon. I don't have much hope for the N97 Mini though. I think it was the last update every released for that device.

Unfortunately Firm v60.0.003 for nokia 5800 XpressMusic has the same problem and I do not think nokia solve it for this model.

On the nokia link you provide says this resolved for the N97 mini. Is this true?

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The bug was not fixed for the N97 Mini as far as I can tell, because no new firmware update was released ever since the bug was fixed for other devices.

Is not there any unofficial patch that can be applied in a hacked phone?

Does the bug is related to the new browser?

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I can only speculate about the exact cause, however the browser could indeed be the problem. Note that WRT widgets always run from within the browser, so a new browser version can have huge impact. The browser is tightly integrated into the operation system however, so there is no easy way to replace or downgrade it. I'm not aware of any custom firmware hack to get rid of the problem.

What browser version are in cell phones have corrected this bug?, Is the version 7.4?, I have the version 7.3

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The C6-00 with firmware 41.0.010 (which has the fix included) uses browser version

OK thank you very much for the info, should not be the browser, the 5800 version is also the

Although I doubt it, I hope it fixed, I congratulate you for your very useful widget