New version 1.33 released


ComingNext v1.33


  • added support for X7-00, E6-00, T7-00, 500 and other "Anna" devices
  • added weekday fix for Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" firmware update
  • fixed DayEvent showing up as Meeting on Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" firmware update
  • improved error handling: don't break widget when a system backup is made
  • updated included "Skin Fetcher" tool to version 1.5 (which now properly supports N8-00, E7-00, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, X7-00, T7-00 and 500)


Dear Sir,

Thank you for providing such a great Free App for Symbian phones,
and ComingNext has been the most important widget in my Nokia phone.

I am using the traditional Chinese language in my phone,
because the weekday in Chinese is 3 characters,
if I show complete weekday on wigdet,
the less space can show the subject.

I cannot reduce the weekday length,
because the most important character of weekday in Chinese is at the 3rd character.
For example,
Monday in Chinese is 星期一,
Tuesday in Chinese is 星期二,

So the weekday in Chinese,
the left two characters are the same,
only the 3rd character is different.

Is there any possibility to reduce the length of Chinese weekday on the widget?

Thank you very much!


Sam Jan

Michael Prager's picture

This will require some manual work. To let the widget only display the third character instead of the first 2, do the following:

  1. You will have to download the widget to your computer, extract comingNext.wgz and rename that to
  2. Next, you need to extract comingNext/index.html from the archive. Open this file with an editor like Notepad.exe
  3. Search for this line here:
    var weekDay = getWeekdayLocalized(date).substr(0,config['weekDayLength'].Value);

    and replace it with

    var weekDay = getWeekdayLocalized(date).substr(2,1);
  4. Copy the modified index.html back into the archive.
  5. Rename to comingNext.wgz and reinstall it on your device.

Dear Michael,

I followed your instructions step by step and then it works!

Thank you very much!




Thank you for you great calendar widget (far more better then built-in Belle calendar widget). But I have one question about showing weekdays. I have Czech locale in my Nokia 700 and weekdays are shown only as date, eg. 16th of November 2011 is Wednesday (Pondělí in Czech), but instead of We (Po), there is number 16. I played with Weekday length and it shows 16-11-2011.

Is there any way, to show weekday as it should be? I know it is somehow connected with function getWeekdayLocalized(date)
but I am newbie in Javascript, so I have no idea what to change.


Sorry, for bothering, but I get the solution for this. var weekdays_translated = [ ]; should be changed to var weekdays_translated = ["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"]; appropriately to local names of weekdays and function getWeekdayLocalized(date) should be changed to

function getWeekdayLocalized(date) {
return weekdays_translated[date.getDay()];

Code works for ToDos and meetings on my Nokia 700 and Czech locale and there should be no problem for other languages.

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The issue will be fixed in the next release. Notice that your solution only works for english language. If you want a language independent fix, take a look the development branch.