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Hello My Phone N8-00. When i try to install ComingNext_SkinFetcher I get the warning "app is dangerous to the phone". When i go trough the warning "Online certificate control failed" All the other widget are ok. Please help

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The skin fetcher app is only selfsigned and not signed by nokia. Because of that it will show this security warning on install. It will install just fine never the less. Just ignore it. If you have doubts, you're free to compile the app yourself, the sourcecode is available here:

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Nokia 8-00 Belle
Hello I reinstalled the full pack and now i have the error: Loadsettings: GetList)' failled
Type error: Result of expression ' calenderService´[null] is not an object.'line 1277
Only in 2 out of 3 apps

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I suspect the problem will also show on the third widget, maybe a few hours later. The refresh interval for the widget is 6 hours, so after that time, the error should show on all 3 widgets.

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No only 2 widgets show the problem for days.

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That's strange. The three widgets are exactly the same, there is no reason why one would work and another wouldn't. This does not change the solution to this problem though...

Habe ein Problem beim Laden des Programms. es zeigt:
TypeError:Result of expression
'calenderService'[null] is not an objekt.,
Wollte mir eibgentlich die Kaufversion holen, aber mit dem Fehler geht garnichts mehr.
Gibt es eine Lösung?

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Du hast den entsprechenden Beitrag ja schon gefunden. Falls hierüber jemand stolpern sollte, die Antwort gibt es hier:

I have N8-00 with Belle. Everything's working fine (3 widgets, skin fetcher) except that recurring events (like birthdays, I have lots of birthdays as recurring events) are not shown. It's really annoying... when opening the default calendar that events are shown.
Please suggest a workaround, if possible.

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This is caused by a firmware bug resulting in synced reoccuring events to have the wrong date and thus not being displayed. There is no workaround available for this, except for not using syncing. This has been reported to Nokia on 2012-02-19, the bug report can be found here: They didn't even look for the problem yet, so I don't except a fix any time soon.

Can you try the same "trick" that allow built-in calendar to display those events?

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I'm afraid this is not possible. ComingNext is a "web" widget. Basically it is a website with special and very limited access to the device data like phonebook, calendar and so on. It is not a full/native application like the stock calendar app that comes with the phone which has full access to the device data. The firmware bug affects all web widgets and there is no alternative to access the device data differently. As a result, the build-in calendar does not show this issue, while third party widgets all have it.

hello, today I downloaded an update to nokia calender. Then after my cominnext didn't work. In the display it had some odd signs and I therefore reinstalled it. Now it seems normal, but I don't now why I can't get the cominnext-display to appear on my nokia startscreen again? What's wrong?

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Can you be more specific? What exactly is displayed on your homescreen? Is the widget added to the homescreen? You may want to send me a detailed debug log (see How to obtain log file for solving issues).

Before the problem occured I had comingnext in my startscreen right under my watch. In comingnext there was a little display where I could see the next 3-4 appointmens. This display in comingnext is now disappeared and I don't now how to get it back. I can open the comingnext icon and see my appointments, but thats not as optimal.

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You will have to add the widget to your homescreen again. You can do that by long pressing on your homescreen and then select the "comingnext" widget.

Yes, that was my guess too, but unfortunately that doesn't work. Or am I doing something wrong? I dont think.
Can you please explain to me how you add the widget to the startscreen?

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To add ComingNext to your homescreen, just go to your homesreen and long press on it. Click on the position you want the widget to appear and select "ComingNext" from the list of widgets. This will add the first panel to your homescreen.

OK. Thats what I use to do. So your app doesnt work with nokia N8 anymore I guess :(

I discovered that my nokia calender doesnt work either. I've just emailed nokia about this problem. Maybe my problem with your app is associated with this generel problem??!!

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Well the comingnext widget needs the buildin nokia calendar to work, so it that is broken, the widget won't work either.

Now I have made a reinstallation of my nokia system. My calender is now working. Comingnext still not working!!??

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You have to make a hard reset (not just a soft one). This purges _everything_ from your phone. Also keep in mind that restoring system settings from a backup which had the error will also restore the problem.

Now It works. In the matter of fact It has worked all the time but I've just discover that I did It the wrong way.
On the startscreen choose add widget. Done!!


I've been using ComingNext for several months on my Nokia N8 Belle Refresh ever since updating to Belle and I think the app is great.

However just recently it has suddenly started being one day out of alignment with my actual calendar.

That is, it now shows tomorrow's dates as "today" and the day after as "tomorrow." Everything else is one day earlier in ComingNext than it really is.

I did notice a bit of strange behaviour about a week ago in early April but I thought that may have been because it was anticiparing a daylight saving change earlier than it actually took place. Now in Sydney Australia daylight saving has finished but the problem remains.

I don't have daylight Saving enabled.

I run version 1.36.

I did try updating to 1.37 but it did not solve the problem and I had awful problems with fonts being too small so I uninstalled both and went back to 1.36.

Now I find that any changes to settings that I attempt are having no effect. (Originally I was able to customise it any way I wanted).

I'd welcome any ideas.

Many thanks

The workaround I found was to change my time zone from Sydney, NSW, Australia to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

NSW and Queensland are in the same time zone in winter but NSW has daylight saving (just finished in early April) but Qld does not have it.

Now the dates are correct.

Not sure what happens when daylight saving starts again here in October!

Coming Next 1.37 widgets (A, B and C) stopped running.
Give error message:

Error: loadSettings: GetList() failed: TypeError: 'null' is not an object, line undefined

What does meaning?

What can I do to make this program (widget) work again?

I owned Nokia E7-00 cellphone. Firmware is Belle Refresh.

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Hi Drewan,
you can find the answer to your question in the FAQ section.

Thanks for the post