New version 1.37 released

A new version of ComingNext has been released. This update is highly recommended for Symbian Belle Refresh users, as this firmware introduced some new bugs. Please note that all 3 widgets need to be installed via Ovi Store now due to Nokia's request, see the download link below.


ComingNext v1.37


  • added Catalan translation (thanks to Francisco Rodero)
  • added Polish translation (thanks to zbigzbig20)
  • added Finnish translation (thanks to Streamkeskus)
  • added Czech translation (thanks to renek)
  • added Latin American Spansish translation (this uses the same translations as the European Spanish translation)
  • fixed date and time offset problems on Symbian Belle Refresh
  • autodetect daylight saving time on Symbian Belle and Belle Refresh (the manual DST options in settings are no longer needed and will be ignored on those firmwares)
  • fixed display problems on E6 (bug no. 3509394)
  • fixed help button on settings page require double tap (bug no. 3302891)
  • added "show icons" option to enable users to hide icons if desired (bug no. 3521427)
  • added "font size" option to easily customize text size
  • added option to anonymize debug logfiles
  • added option to specify the max number of events shown in fullscreen mode
  • updated SkinFetcher to v1.6 (updated certificate)

Customized version with special background and Finnish translation

An interesting modification of the ComingNext widget was recently published by the user Streamkeskus. He modified the widget backgrounds to make them appear as one large widget. The modified widgets are based on version 1.36 and as a bonus come with Finnish language support. Note though that the installation instructions are a big more complex compared to the original widget, so this is only suitable for advanced users. Here is a list of all changes in that custom version:

  • Settings and menus are changed because of Finnish language (may contain translation errors)
  • Widget background
  • Widget layout
  • Size of the symbols changed
  • Comes with the Home screen wallpaper set

You can find more info on this on Streamkeskus's website. Or go right ahead to the download. Make sure to read the included instructions on how to set this up.

UPDATE 2012-04-03: now with English installation instructions.

New version 1.36 released


ComingNext v1.36


  • fixed 24/12h time format detection problem introduced in v1.35

New version 1.35 released


ComingNext v1.35


  • fixed 24/12h time format detection
  • fixed weekday not showing on some devices

New version 1.34 released


ComingNext v1.34


  • fixed 12h time format not being used anymore on Anna devices
  • fixed weekday display (for real this time) on Symbian Anna and Belle devices
  • improved font scaling (resolves text overflow on Symbian Belle devices which use a different system font)

New version 1.33 released


ComingNext v1.33


  • added support for X7-00, E6-00, T7-00, 500 and other "Anna" devices
  • added weekday fix for Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" firmware update
  • fixed DayEvent showing up as Meeting on Symbian^3 devices which got an "Anna" firmware update
  • improved error handling: don't break widget when a system backup is made
  • updated included "Skin Fetcher" tool to version 1.5 (which now properly supports N8-00, E7-00, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, X7-00, T7-00 and 500)

A word of advice for C6-00, 5230, N97 Mini, E6-00 and X7-00 owners

Be warned if you use ComingNext and want to update your C6-00 with the recent firmware update 40.0.021. Nokia has introduced a bug which also affects the E6 and the X7 which renders the widget (and any other WRT widget which access the calendar) completely unusable. There is nothing I can do to resolve this, Nokia has to fix the issue with another firmware update. So if you want to continue to use this widget on the C6, don't update! You have been warned.

By the way, this bug is also the reason why I couldn't release a version which is compatible with the E6 and the X7 yet.

UPDATE [2011-07-04]: Looks like the latest firmware update 50.0.001 for the 5230 is broken too. Do not upgrade! It is very likely that this bug will spread to other devices like the N8 and E7 too when they get their new firmware in a few days.

UPDATE [2011-07-05]: N97 Mini affected too since firmware update v30.0.004.

UPDATE [2011-07-29]: Nokia has marked this bug as resolved. So most firmware updates released after this date should have this problem fixed.

UPDATE [2011-10-13]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the C6-00 as of firmware update 41.0.010.

UPDATE [2011-12-07]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the Nokia 5230 as of firmware update 51.0.002.

UPDATE [2011-12-31]: Issue has been reported for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as of firmware v60.0.003.

UPDATE [2012-02-12]: Issue is confirmed to be resolved for the E6-00 and the X7-00 as of firmware 25.007 (Symbian Belle Update).

New version 1.32 released


ComingNext v1.32


  • improved performance and battery life (reloading and sorting calendar data has been reduced)
  • fixed settings being lost when updating to a newer version
  • added support for Location field for "all day" events. You'll have to wait until Nokia fixes their firmware before this change will be visible though :-P
  • fixed and improved spanish translation
  • added "enableLogging" option which needs to be turned on if you want to generate debug logs

New version 1.31 released


ComingNext v1.31


  • added spanish translation (thanks to dragomerlin)
  • added italian translation (thanks to Marcella Ferrari and Venos)
  • fixed "About" link opening inside browser instead of widget
  • fixed sorting of events without date
  • fixed calendar indicators not showing in some cases
  • fixed homescreen widget not updating properly on N8
  • added help menu

New website for the ComingNext project

Welcome to the new project home for the ComingNext widget. This website will help to gather information and offer support and assistance for the end users at a central place. The development site on is still available and will continue to be used for development. I'd like to thank SourceForge for offering their web hosting and software development services for free.


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